Category: Australasian authors

  • Ray, N L

    Ray, N L

    About the author Nancy Louise Hunt, who also wrote as N L Ray, was born in 1918 in Bathurst, New South Wales, and had her first work published at the age of just 11 in the Sydney Sun and Melbourne Herald. During World War II she served in the WAAF in Melbourne. From the 1960s,…

  • Whitbread, Elizabeth

    Whitbread, Elizabeth

    About the author Elizabeth Whitbread was a pseudonym used by the author Helen Barrett. Bibliography A Good Year for Riding D’Artagnan Publishing, Adelaide, South Australia, 1982 A Good Christmas for Riding D’Artagnan Publishing, Adelaide, South Australia, 1985 A Good Horse for Riding D’Artagnan Publishing, Adelaide, South Australia, 1988

  • Williams, Gwenda

    Williams, Gwenda

    About the author Gwenda Williams was, according to the blurb on her collection of short stories, ‘well known in evangelical circles in New Zealand’. Her book, The Hand on the Rein (1950) contains 29 short stories, all of them ‘vibrant with the urgent necessity of leading the young into fellowship with the Saviour.’ Quoting wholesale from the…

  • White, Zita

    About the author Zita White was born on 29 May, 1933 in Queensland. She wrote two pony books and edited two books on horsemanship under the name Zita White, but also wrote under the name Zita Denholm. Ride Across the Ocean is a book I had in stock for years when I was a bookseller, and never…

  • West, Joyce

    West, Joyce

    About the author Joyce West (1908–85) was born in Auckland, New Zealand and educated in Maori schools (where her parents were teachers) and by correspondence. The family lived a remote, rural existence, rode everywhere, and kept a large menagerie of animals. When she began to write, she said, ‘it was with the wish that I…

  • Warner, Dave

    Warner, Dave

    About the author Dave Warner is multi talented: he’s a rock musician, screenwriter, and an author. Amongst his non fiction is an exposé of the bad bits of racing – Racing’s Hall of Shame (1999) – not a typical horse book by any means: they tend to focus on the nicer side of life. It’s perhaps not…

  • Turner, Gwenda

    Turner, Gwenda

    About the author Gwenda Turner (1947–2001) was born in Australia, and moved to New Zealand when she was 19. She left school when she was sixteen, and started work as a secretary. She later took a graphic design course at Wellington Polytechnic, and produced her first book, Akaroa: Banks Peninsula, New Zealand in 1977. Her first children’s…

  • Thiele, Colin

    Thiele, Colin

    About the author Colin Thiele (1920–2006) was bilingual, living in a German farming community in Australia. He went to the University of Adelaide, and after graduating, served as a radar mechanic with the RAAF in Northern Australia during the Second World War. He began teaching in Port Lincoln in 1946, and he combined his teaching…

  • Stewart, Christine and Yager, Julie

    Stewart, Christine and Yager, Julie

    About the author Christine Stewart and Julie Yager, started Six Horses and a Caravan when they were 15 and 13 respectively. The project took them a few years: they were 19 and 17 when they completed it. They were inspired to start the story when one day after school they saw a truck with six horses and…

  • Stevens, Fae Huston

    Stevens, Fae Huston

    About the author Fae Hewston Stevens was born in 1907 in Wedderburn, Victoria, a member of the Hewston family, who were well known in both musical and sporting circles. She lived much of her life in Lockington, and celebrated her 100th birthday there in 2007. As a child, she lived at a farm at Kinypaniel,…