The best laid plans of mice and men …

Caroline has gone away to college to learn all about stud management. It is not how she thought it would be. She cannot ride. All the horses at the centre are either brood mares or foals, who cannot be ridden. In the middle of a lecture on parasite management, Caroline’s cousins ring up. They have their most spectacular plan yet in a career that has been big on spectacular plans, and they want Caroline to throw up her course and come and help. If she could ride, thinks Caroline, surely it will all be worth it …

If I Could Ride also includes a short story about the showing family: Celebration. Caroline wrote three short stories about the family, all of which were published in the Pony Magazine Annual. They are tricky for the collector to track down, so I'm delighted to be able to include one each in these republished books. 

If I Could Ride is the third, and last of Caroline Akrill's Showing series about Caroline and her cousins, and was first published in 1979. 

This new edition is available worldwide from Amazon.

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