“The best way to learn about anything is to get on and do it,” Simon said.

Which is true, but not quite what Caroline expected when she came to visit Simon and her other cousins, who breed show ponies. Not that she’d be part of a world where her cousin Becky rides Benjamin, the most evil show pony on the circuit. Not that she’d ride their hack, Clytie, in the show ring. And certainly not that she’d be aiming for the Hack of the Year at Wembley.

Caroline Canters Home also includes a short story about the showing family: An International Incident. Caroline wrote three short stories about the family, all of which were published in the Pony Magazine Annual. They are tricky for the collector to track down, so I’m delighted to be able to include one each in these republished books. 

Caroline Canters Home is the first of Caroline Akrill’s Showing series about Caroline and her cousins, and was first published in 1977. It originally appeared in serial form in Pony magazine, which was where Caroline Akrill made her name writing articles that used one of the rarer beasts in equine writing: humour. It’s testament to how good she is that her collection of articles, Not Quite a Horsewoman, has been in print for over 30 years.

The book is available worldwide from Amazon.

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