Weston, Simon

About the author

The Nelson books are by Simon Weston, a soldier who overcame appalling injuries sustained during the Falklands War. He has written several books about his experiences, but the Nelson series is his first excursion into children’s fiction. The books are written with David FitzGerald, and are illustrated by Jac Jones.

The books are larky fantasies about Nelson, a just-retired Shire horse who used to pull a milk float. If I tell you that the other characters in the book include Flight Lieutenant Pigeon and James Pond the frog this perhaps gives you an idea of what you’re up against: plenty of puns, and masses of references to popular culture. The horses send hay-mails, and experience saddle-lite broadcasting. The stories are certainly wacky, and full of energy, but for me they didn’t quite come off. I liked the puns; the authors do a good job of making talking animals seem entirely normal, and yet … and yet … the wackiness is maybe a little too concentrated. There’s a sense of rushing pell-mell off to the next amazing episode, and the next joke. I think, at the end of the books, I felt whirled through Nelson’s world, without having had time to appreciate it. I’d have liked a slower unfolding of some of the jokes.

The illustrations do a great job, and have some of the subtlety the stories lack.

Finding the books
All titles are easy to find, and appear to be in print.

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Simon Weston’s website

Bibliography (pony books only)

A Nod from Nelson

(in collaboration with David FitzGerald)
Pont, Llandysul, 2008, illus Jac Jones, 48 pp.

Milk horse Nelson has just been retired, now that Mike the Milk has a new milk float. Nelson’s retirement does not, however, last long.

Nelson to the Rescue

(in collaboration with David FitzGerald)
Pont, Llandysul, 2009, illus Jac Jones. 57 pp.

There is a message on Mike’s fridge: Nelson gets the wrong end of the stick after he reads it, and finds himself meeting the Prince of Wales.

Nelson at Sea

(in collaboration with David FitzGerald)Pont, Llandysul, 2011

Get Fit With Nelson

(in collaboration with David FitzGerald)
Pont, Llandysul, 2013