Ure, Jean

About the author

Jean Ure was an early starter: her first book, Dance For Two, was published when she was sixteen. She was born and brought up in London, and went to school in Croydon. She ran away from that school, having decided that as she was going to be an author, there was absolutely no need to go to university. Her headmistress did not agree, called her foolish, and washed her hands of her. Success did not immediately follow Jean’s flight: she did a variety of jobs, anything, she said, that did not require qualifications, until she decided to go to drama school, where she met her partner.

She’s now written over 100 books, which include a series called We Love Animals: an appropriate one considering her house in London is filled with rescue animals. Presumably these don’t include horses, but they have found their way into two of her books: Brave Warrior and Daffy Down Donkey.

Finding the books
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Links and sources
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Bibliography (pony books only)

Brave Warrior

Hippo, London, 1998, 158 pp.

The blurb:
Jilly and I hadn’t realised poor Warrior was so sick. Not until our enemy, No Neck, told us that he was off to the knacker’s yard. It seemed the only way to save him was to buy him. So we wheeled and dealed and it really looked like we were going to make it. But then something terrible happened.

Daffy Down Donkey

Hippo, London, 1998, 132 pp.
Barrons Juveniles, 1999

Clara and Jilly’s loyalties lie with animals. They see Daffodil the donkey in a field that looks like a junk yard. There isn’t even enough room for her to lie down. The moment they see her, the girls know they have to help.