Rogers, Pamela

About the author

Pamela Rogers wrote mainly for younger readers, in books aimed at the newly confident reader.

Finding the books
The books are all easy to find, and not particularly expensive.


The Runaway Pony

Lutterworth, 1961, illus Wendy Marchant
Reprinted 1965

Merrylegs the foal is lonely after his mother is sold, but he soon gets a donkey as a companion, and when he’s broken in, he has plenty to think about.  He is sold to a girl called Anne, but misses Bill the donkey terribly.  He runs away, but his troubles are over when Anne buys Bill too.

The Rag and Bone Pony

Lutterworth, 1962, illus Wendy Marchant
“Brownie was a very plain pony who started off in a town pulling Old Joe’s rag and bone cart. Brian was a boy who was afraid of horses. He brought Brownie at a Horse Sale and the two became close friends. Together they did very well at the Pony Club competition.”

Dan and His Donkey

Lutterworth, London,1964

Dan looks forward to going to the sea each year, and particularly to seeing his favourite donkey, Viola.  This year though, a fun fair has come, and custom for the donkeys is almost non existent.  Toni, the donkeys’ owner, offers him Viola.  Dan can’t say anything to his parents, but when he gets home, he meets Moxy, who with her grandfather, needs a pony.  Dan suggests Viola, but they hear nothing from Toni.  Dan and Moxy go to the beach, but find Toni is in hospital, and his landlady has sold the donkeys, all apart from one who has gone to the sale being held that day. They try to buy her, but things just get more and more complicated…

The Playing Field Horses

Abelard-Schuman, 1976, illus Clifford Bayly