Rising, Janet

About the author

Janet Rising was an early starter. She started learning to ride when she was nine, spent every spare moment at the stables, and had stories published in PONY Magazine when she was 14. She’s well placed to sympathise with her readers: she’s was the editor of PONY Magazine.

Janet had a mule called Twoy (pronounced Two-ee) since he was weaned. Sadly, he died in 2012, at the age of over 30. She also has an imaginary Dachshund, but is planning to break into the exciting world of real dog ownership soon.

The Pony Whisperer series isn’t her only essay into fiction. PONY Magazine has an ongoing series about Jorja, which is written by Janet. Jorja’s adventures have made it into print, with Jorja and the High Stakes Horse, published by PONY Magazine. Like her Pony Whisperer series, Jorja is written with a wry wit.

Janet Rising’s books have a verve that’s missing in a lot of modern pony literature, and she’s well worth reading.

Finding the books
Jorja you will need to order via PONY Magazine. The other titles are all in print.

Links and sources
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The Pony Whisperer series
The Word on the Yard
Team Challenge
Runaway Rescue
Prize Problems
Pony Rebellion
Stables S.O.S.

Janet’s mule, Twoy


Jorja and the High Stakes Horse

Pony Magazine, 2008, 185 pp.

A lovely grey Arab has appeared in the Drews’ paddock. The Drews are not good news; neither father nor sons. When Jorja and her friends see them mistreating the horse, Matt bets that he can train the horse. If Matt, Molly and Jorja win the bet, Matt wins the horse, but if he loses, Mr Drew takes Matt’s horse.

The Word on the Yard

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2009, 240 pp.
Sourcebooks, New York, 2010, 189 pp.

Pia’s parents have split up, so she, her mother and Pia’s pony Drummer have all had to move. The new yard isn’t the easiest of places for Pia to fit into, particularly when she inadvertently antagonises Cat. Then Pia discovers a statue of Epona which enables her to hear what ponies are saying, and all sorts of mayhem result.

Team Challenge

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2009, 215 pp.
Sourcebooks, New York, 2010, 192 pp.

Everyone on the yard decides to compete in a team competition: Pia’s on one team, and her arch enemy Cat is of course on the other.

Runaway Rescue

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2010, 216 pp.
Sourcebooks, New York, 2010, 192 pp.

Travellers come and set up camp near to the stables, which makes everyone uneasy. Pia makes friends with a traveller girl, Jazz, who has real pony whisperer powers, but also real problems. Pia is caught: she wants to help, but not everyone wants to give Jazz the benefit of the doubt.

Prize Problems

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2010, 218 pp.

Pia’s friend Bean wins a riding holiday for two: she asks Pia to go with her, which Pia is very happy about, even though it means leaving Drummer behind. However, the other girls on the holiday are a complicated lot.

Pony Rebellion

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2010, 209 pp.

The local Riding for the Disabled Association is planning a fundraising event. Dee’s mother suggests everyone get together and do a musical activity ride. Everyone’s perfectly happy with this until the endless practice becomes a bit too much for the ponies. They rebel, and nothing Pia can think of will persuade them to co-operate.

Stables S.O.S.

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2011, 216 pp.

Mrs Collins, owner of Laurel Farm, is taken ill and hospitalised. While she’s there, her son takes full and dastardly advantage, and plans to sell off the farm buildings and land for development. To add to the general tension, Cat’s pony Bambi’s future is in doubt. Pia and her friends plot to overcome both problems.


The Bumper Book of Horses and Ponies
Horse & Rider Magazine, 2003

Pony Talk – 50 Ways to Make Friends With Your Pony
Hodder, 2005

I Love Ponies: Big Book of Ponies
Signature, 2007

PONY Magazine Annual
DJ Murphy 2006 and subseqent