Procter, Marjorie

About the author

Marjorie Procter wrote two pony books set on Dartmoor, both of which feature the Sheppard family. Both titles were illustrated by Anne Bullen. As well as her pony books, Marjorie Procter wrote several religious works for younger children, re-telling bible stories.

Finding the books
Neither book is particularly hard to find, or expensive.


Sheppard family books
The Pony Trackers
The Treasure Riders


The Pony Trackers

Blandford Press, London, 1952, 220 pp. Illus Anne Bullen

Pen, Jerry, Judy, Tim and Susan have been brought to Dartmoor for the holidays instead of their usual Sidmouth. During the holidays, their parents have arranged for each of them to have a pony for the holidays, and to learn to ride it and look after it.  

Many thanks to Cherie Goninon for the picture.

The Treasure RidersBlandford Press, London, 1955, 192 pp. Illus Anne Bullen

Odd things happen when the Sheppard family spend their Easter holidays on Dartmoor.  The family, togetherwith international help in the shape of children from America, France and Germany, have a horseback huntfor a lost inheritance.