Herald, Kathleen

About the author

K M Peyton wrote her first three books under her maiden name, Kathleen Herald.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Sabre, the Horse from the Sea (as Kathleen Herald)

Adam & Charles Black, 1948, 145pp, illus Lionel Edwards
USA edition: paperback printing
Acorn books (a division of Macmillan)
1963, cover art by Russell Hoban (thanks to Susan Bourgeau for the info and cover shot)

Liza found the big grey stallion Sabre on the beach, and after she falls for him, lies to the police when they come to take him back. She races the horse, but he is recognised by his owner and taken back. Liza does still though have the hope of Cinder’s foal, after the mare was put to Sabre.

For copyright reasons I don’t include pictures by Lionel Edwards

The Mandrake, A Pony (as Kathleen Herald)

Adam & Charles Black, 1949, 120pp, illus Lionel Edwards

Lesley has bought The Mandrake. He is a beautiful pony: bay with a clever head and wide aristocratic nostrils. Lesley thinks he will be the most wonderful pony in the South, but she was wrong. Mr Congress said “The Mandrake’s got a brain like a bird. He’s mad.” Lesley though says The Mandrake was born to be clever, and in the end, she’s proved right, and Lesley learns it doesn’t matter what other people think about your pony, and that success is not the most important thing.

For copyright reasons I don’t include pictures by Lionel Edwards

Crab the Roan (as Kathleen Herald)

Adam & Charles Black, 1953, 158pp, illus Peter Biegel

Anna lives on “The Duke’s” estate with her father, the estate manager. China is the Duke’s driving pony, and Anna loves him and is devastated when he is sold, to be replaced by the ugly roan, Crab. Crab, however, turns out to be a horse in a million.

Thanks to Amanda Dolby for the picture