Eliot, Jane (pseudonym for Patricia Leitch)

About the author

Patricia Leitch wrote four pony books under the name Jane Eliot. These were first issued as Collins Spitfire paperbacks, and are notable for being a lot smaller than the normal paperback format – a tiny 5.5 x 3.5 inches. The first three titles were re-issued under the Collins Pony Library imprint, under the name Patricia Leitch, and with the stories expanded. Pony Club Camp was never reprinted.



Collins Spitfire, London, pb, 1967 under the name Jane Eliot

This is another Pony Club in need of a bit of help. Dr Brogan can see it needs a bit more life, so he organises a Pony Club Camp, with the usual series of ups and downs.


Originally published under the name Jane Eliot, Spitfire, pb, 1967
Collins Pony Library, 1974
Jane Badger Books, Northamptonshire, 2021

Jill has been put off riding by an accident at a bad riding school, but when she goesto stay with her cousins and their Aunt Jo, she is faced with ponies everywhere. Then she discovers the Fell Digory in a field. He has been condemned as dangerous, but Jill likes him.


Initially printed as Collins Spitfire pb, 1967, as Jane Eliot
Collins Pony Library, London, 1973
As Jump to the Top, Armada, London, pb, 1973
Jane Badger Books, Northamptonshire, 2023

Jacky has been promised that she can jump the black mare Flicka,but then Miss Henderson has to sell up the riding school. CeliaGrunter, who is certain to ruin Flicka, wants her too.


Originally published under the name Jane Eliot in 1967, Spitfire pb
Collins Pony Library, London, 1973

Sandy moves to the country, and the new house has a paddock, a stable, and evensome jumps: now Sandy can fulfil her dream of having a pony. However, the expensive ponies she sees just don’t seem right, and then she meets Karen, who tells her about Tarka, skin and bone after a cold winter out. Sandy buys Tarka, but then there is a struggle before she is fit.