Packer, Jo

About the author

Jo Packer’s Pepper trilogy are the only books by her I have been able to find. The covers of the first two, being by Peter Beigel are beautiful, but the contents of the only one I’ve read do not quite match up. Gymkhana Trek is an adventure-with-ponies. It’s a good comfort read, but it didn’t leave me longing to read the others in the series.

Finding the books
No Pony Like Pepper is quite extraordinarily expensive; Pepper Leads the String is very hard to find indeed. Gymkhana Trek is reasonably easy to find, and usually reasonably priced.

Links and sources
The British Library
Many thanks to Sarah Beasley and Susan Bourgeau for their help with the pictures.


No Pony Like Pepper
Gymkhana Trek
Pepper Leads the String


No Pony Like Pepper

Herbert Jenkins, 1957, illus Peter Biegel

Paul and Grace Davis eventually manage to persuade their father to buy a pony for them. They think first that they will stable the pony at the local riding stable, but as they outbid the owner to buy Pepper, that won’t work.
Mr Wasplin, the stable owner, and his star pupil Alicia do not leave Paul and Grace alone even after they have managed to find somewhere else to keep Pepper.

Gymkhana Trek

Herbert Jenkins, 1959, illus Peter Biegel

Rachel decides that it is time she and her brother Louis, who have always been used to the best of everything, learned to rough it. With their friends Martin and Frances, they make a camping tour of the local gymkhanas.
However, matters get complicated when some men are determined to steal their cart. They cannot understand why, but nothing seems to put the men off.

Pepper Leads the String

Herbert Jenkins, 1965, illus Juliette Palmer