Nolan, Tina

About the author

Tina Nolan is a pseudonym used by the author Jenny Oldfield. Under the Tina Nolan name, she’s written two books in the Animal Rescue series.

Finding the books

Bibliography (horse books only)


Stripes, London, 2007, 110 pp.

Eva and Karl help out at their parents’ animal rescue centre. When Merlin the foal is born at Animal Magic, Eva is desperate for him to be re-homed nearby, but it seems as if he will be moved to a farm too far away to visit. And that’s not all Eva has to worry about: Mrs Brooks’s plan to close down the rescue centre looks set to become a reality.


Stripes, London, 2009, 123 pp, illus Sharon Rentta

When Eva’s next-door neighbour, Linda Brooks, slips on ice and breaks her leg, she’s unable to look after Rosie, the Shetland pony. Animal Magic agrees to take Rosie back, but it’s not easy to find a perfect new home for the lively little pony… will one of Eva’s brilliant ideas save the day?