Hamilton, Sable

About the author

Sable Hamilton is a pseudonym used by the author Jenny Oldfield. Under that name she’s written the Stardust Stables series.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

a star is born

Stripes Publishing, London, 2013

Stardust Stables in Colorado is a home for teenagers who double as stunt riders for movie stars. Kami is the new girl at the stables. She can’t wait to join, but finds out there’s plenty of hard grafttoo: mucking out, and grooming, to say nothing of the hours of training. Will it all pay off when there’s a chance for her to take part in a big new movie?


Stripes Publishing, London, 2013, 154 pp.

Alisa is about to start work on the film Wildfire, where she’s doubling for Hannah Hart. Everything looks great, until Alisa and the rest of the riders at Stardust Stables find out that the owner’s ex husband is claiming half of the Stardust horses for his own, rival, stable. Not only that, his stable has a rider on Wildfire too: Alisa’s old rival, Lucy Reeves.

free spirit

Stripes Publishing, London, 2014

Kellie and her horse Dylan are filming a low budget film in the Colorado mountains. It’s about pioneers in the 1800s. The location is so remote that the cast and crew are all living out under canvas, and Kellie’s enjoying being part of the team. Then disaster strikes and there’s only one person who can save the day.

sunset in the web

Stripes Publishing, London, 2014

Hayley and her horse Cool Kid get a stunt riding role in Pioneer, about early settlers travelling through the Rockies. She needs to learn lassoing, bareback riding, crossing rivers and trekking along rocky ledges, but on the journey to the set, the trailer skids the road and Cool Kid escapes. Can they track him down before he hurts himself?