Nokes, Ethel

About the author

Ethel Nokes was active from the 1930s to the 1950s, and wrote several children’s stories. Several of her works were published by The Religious Tract Society, so were presumably evangelical in character.

Finding the books:
Nibs is extraordinarily hard to find, but her other books are easy to track down, and usually reasonably priced.

Links and sources
The British Library
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the picture.

Bibliography (pony books only)


Religious Tract Society, 1934

Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the picture.

Nibs in Clover – A Billy Bunker Story

Ward Lock, London, 1939

Billy Bunker and the pony Nibs had been together until Nibs was sent to the country to be the playmate of Muriel and John Frazer. Then, by a chance, Billy manages to get a job in the Frazer’s house, and is re-united with Nibs.  

That Ass Neddy

Ward Lock & Co Ltd, 1948, illus Stanley Lloyd

Neddy belongs to Farmer Brown, but his children are now leaving home, and everything, including Neddy, is to be sold. He is bought by two elderly ladies.