Murray, Frances

About the author

Frances Murray wrote three pony books I am aware of.

Finding the books
Ponies on the Heather is very easy to find, and cheap. Parachutes is slightly less easy to find, and reasonably priced. White Hope is findable, but can be expensive.


Ponies on the Heather

Collins Seagull, 1966 (cover, uncredited, Geoffrey Whittam)
Collins Pony Library, 1973

Jo McKissock moves to Elderbraes, a Scottish hill farm. Though not keen at first, moving does mean she gets a pony.  

Ponies and Parachutes

Lutterworth, 1975, illus Gordon King

The blurb:

“Jo and her friend Joe are looking forward to all the riding they will get in the holidays on her uncle’s Highland sheep farm, and to the local show which includes a gymkhana where along comes her strange Canadian cousin Chris, to sneer at them and apparently to stay for ever. As if there were not enough disturbance from him, there is a gang of payroll robbers supposed to be in the neighbourhood and everyone has to take special precautions. All in all it’s a marvel that they come to take part, in no small way, in the paratroops’ manoeuvres …”

White Hope

Hodder & Stoughton, 1978, illus Gordon King

Chas Bentinck has a famous grandfather who was a jockey, and that’s what he wants to be too. His parents are not at all keen on the idea, and he also has a disability which makes difficulties too. There is also opposition from a gang set on stopping the horse White Hope from winning.

Many thanks to Cherie Goninon for the photo.