Michael, Enid

About the author

Enid Michael has written just this one children’s book, The Runaway National. After a slightly unbelievable start, when the teenage Kerry manages to outwit a particularly nasty gang of villains (and I admit my heart was in my mouth when Kerry was taken off to stay with them: the book was written in more innocent times, thankfully), the book settles down and turns into a heartwarming tale of a horse in whom nobody has believed apart from Kerry.

Finding the book
Very easy to find, and usually cheap.

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The British Library catalogue


The Runaway National

Corgi, London, pb, 1981, 153 pp.

Kerry’s grandfather promised the filly he bred, Steamboat, would one day win the Grand National, but grandfather died, the horses were sold, and Kerry sent to live with her uncle. She was absolutely determined to track Steamboat down, and have her trained to win the National. Although she does track the filly down, she is a ringer for another, far less talented horse, and even though Kerry manages to get the filly from the people who have bought her, they do not give up their nefarious intentions.