Lean, Sarah

About the author

Sarah Lean grew up in Somerset and supported herself with a variety of jobs, including being a primary school teacher. She did an MA in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Winchester, and published her first book, A Dog Called Homeless, in 2012. Her dog, Harry, was the inspiration for it. Her next book, A Horse for Angel is a gripping study of the pressures of modern life on children and their parents. The two heroines Nell and Angel, ‘are drawn together like a pair of magnets’.

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A Horse for Angel

Harper Collins, London, 2013, 288 pp. Illus Gary Blythe

Nell feels she’s at the edge of everyone’s life, even her own. Her frantically busy single mother sends Nell to stay with an aunt she’s never met, who lives in the country. Life takes on a very different turn, particularly when Nell meets the spiky and difficult Angel, a girl with a past. Not only does she meet Angel, she gets involved with Angel’s attempt to save horses from the meat trade, and learns a lot about herself, and Angel, in the process.