Lapage, Geoffrey

About the author

Geoffrey Lapage was a veterinary academic, whose pony stories presumably provided some light relief from Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology. A Geoffrey Lapage, again I assume the same one, wrote The Ladybird Book of Bedtime Rhymes. His pony books were amongst the last illustrated by Anne Bullen. A Red Rosette and A Pony Every Time both feature Susan Cameron and her friends.

Finding the books
Both books are easy and cheap to find.

Bibliography (pony books only)

A Red Rosette

Burke, 1957, illus Anne Bullen
Burke, Falcon Library, 1961

Susan Cameron is 10, and has to ride to save a farmhouse from being destroyed by fire. Through this, she meets Peter Gibson, and they become friends. He also has a pony, and they have plenty of adventures before they get to the local gymkhana.

A Pony Every Time

Burke, 1958, illus Anne Bullen
Burke, Falcon Library, 1960

This is the sequel to A Red Rosette.  Susan moves into a new house, and soon makes friends with local children and their ponies. Susan’s father is convinced a golden chalice is hidden somewhere nearby, and after various adventures (including a camping expedition where the tent collapses), there is a fire at Susan’s new house. This leads to the discovery of a secret room, and eventually to….  but you can work that out for yourself! Not chockful of pony action, but it’s a good holiday story.