Krailing, Tessa

About the author

Tessa Krailing, who died in 2003, wrote more than forty children’s books. She worked as a drama production secretary at the BBC, and as a teacher for fifteen years before becoming an author. Her first book, A Dinosaur Called Minerva (1980), went, she said, to about ten publishers before Scholastic picked it up. She went on to write books mostly aimed at younger children, including three with some horsey content. Her Petsitters’ Club series, which numbered ten books plus two specials, included two horse titles, and she also wrote My First Pony, in which a boy gets a pony – not a common event in pony literature.

Her friend, fellow author Diana Kimpton, said of her after her death: ‘Her greatest success was the creation of the Wellington Square scheme for children who are finding reading difficult. It has helped many young people discover the joy of books and she always loved receiving letters from them. Tessa’s sense of humour showed in her writing and carried her through a long and painful illness. Her laughter, her company and her support will be missed by many people.’

Finding the books
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Sources and links
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Donkey Rescue

Hippo, London, 1997, 96 pp, illus John Eastwood

The Petsitters’ Club are looking after Buster. Buster chews everything in sight, and you’d think that looking after him would keep all the petsitters busy. However, Jo’s mind is elsewhere, with Dillon, a neglected donkey Jo saw in a field. When Jo finds out that Dillon is headed for the market, to be sold, the Petsitters race to try and save him.

Pony Trouble

Hippo, London, 1999, 96 pp, illus John Eastwood

The Petsitters’ Club, Sam, Jo, Matthew and Katie, have a big task ahead – they have to exercise Gazza. Gazza is a very lively pony. Matthew can’t wait – surely riding can’t be any more difficult than riding a bike? Sam is not so sure. I haven’t read this, but I have to say I feel Sam has the edge on accuracy of opinion here.

My First Pony

Scholastic, London, 1999
Scholastic, New York, 2000

Harry would love to have a pony of his own, but will it ever happen?