Knight, Isobel

About the author

Isobel Knight wrote numerous children’s books, and also produced retellings of classics such as The Swiss Family Robinson and The Pilgrim’s Progress. Several of her books were set on farms, and she also wrote children’s mysteries. Surefooted is a Christian tale, notable for being illustrated by Maurice Tulloch.   

Finding the books
Neither book is particularly easy to track down.

Bibliography (pony books only)


Pickering & Inglis, London, 1953, 43 pp.

Doris has her pony Betsy; much loved but not smart. Her nearest acquaintance, wealthy Veronica, always throws her money in Doris’s face, and shows off about her smart hunter, Deborah. However, when a plane crashes in the fog, it is Betsy who saves the day.

Detectives on Horseback

Schofield & Sims, Huddersfield, 1959, illus Joyce Johnson, 64 pp.