Johns, Rowland

About the author

Charles Rowland Johns (b.1882) wrote mostly about dogs, for book after book: the Dandie Dinmont, the Cairn, the Welsh Corgi … Even Edith Cavell is written of in terms of her dog: Edith Cavell, Dog Lover. But amongst his output is one horse book, Jock, King George’s Pony. (I am aware of the irony of my description of this author, on this site).

Finding the book
The original British printing is easy to find; as is the American. The American printing does tend to be more expensive because of the Paul Brown factor.

Links and sources
Thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.


Jock, King George’s Pony

Methuen & Co, 1936, London, 56 pp, illus photographs
As Jock, The King’s Pony, EP Dutton & Co, New York, 1936, illus Paul Brown

Jock, King George V’s pony, tells his story.