James, M A

About the author

M A James wrote a nature book, The Circling Year (1939), on what to look for month by month, and a play for children, The Crooked Crowns (1940). He, or indeed, she, as I have been able to find no biographical information as yet, also wrote one pony book, a pony autobiography.

Finding the book
Not the easiest of titles to track down, particularly with its dustjacket. Pricing can be erratic.

Links and sources
British Library Catalogue
Thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph, and for the information on the plot.

Bibliography (pony books only)

Rollo, a Pony

G G Harrap & Co, London, 1937, illus D E Brock, 223 pp.

Rollo is a newborn orphaned colt. It doesn’t look as if he will survive, until Jane and her nurse teach Rollo to drink from a bottle. Rollo flourishes and even follows Jane to church. He learns to pull a cart, but then Jane and her family move to America. Rollo is sold on to some friends of the family, for their son Norman, and life is good. Rollo is broken in, and has many adventures with Norman, including hunting and gymkhanas. He becomes a top-notch polo pony. After Norman’s father is taken ill, the family moves. Rollo is left; a new owner moves in, and life takes a turn for the worse.