Ivester Lloyd, John

About the author

John (Jack) Ivester Lloyd was the son of Thomas Ivester Lloyd, the artist, and Florence Lloyd, and was born on 17 February 1902. He died in Shropshire in 1992. He wrote on hunting, and wrote children’s books about dogs, as well as his pony stories. John’s father, Thomas, illustrated several of his books. After Thomas Ivester Lloyd’s death in 1942, the books were illustrated by Stanley Lloyd and Peter Biegel. John Ivester Lloyd was in the RNVR (Royal Naval Voluner Reserve), and as temporary acting Lieutenant-Commander, was awarded the DSC on 8th June 1945. He was mentioned in dispatches in 1944 for Operation Brassard. Jack’s daughter, Delphine, wrote pony books herself.

He was a keen sportsman, Carol Hewson, his grand daughter, said: “Jack used to judge hounds and was a follower of beagles. Many a time I went beagling with him and he also used to follow at many fox hunts on foot. I rode with the Wynnstay Hunt under Sir Watkins Williams Wynn and Grandpa was very often there chatting to him. He used to take me to the hunt dinners as his guest when he was after dinner speaker. How proud I was to hear him and what a good speaker he was.”

Finding the books
Most of the books are easy to find, with the exception of the two small pamphlets written for Moss Bros. Copies with dustjackets tend to be a little more expensive than is normal for a pony book.

Links and sources
Carol Hewson
London Gazette, supplement, 14 June 1945
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Joey the Story of a Pony

Country Life, 1939, illus T Ivester Lloyd
Junior Country Life Library, 1950
Charles Scribner, New York, 1950

This is the story of Joey the pony and his life at Bramble Farm. He is then sold to Susan Strong, and spends much of his time hunting. Eventually he becomes a hunt horse (well, pony).

The People of the Valley

Country Life, 1943, illus T Ivester Lloyd and Stanley Lloyd

More a farming story than a pony one, though ponies do appear. Jimmy Hamilton, on the way to his aunt’s for Christmas, gets onto the wrong train and ends up spending Christmas on the Begley’s farm. He rides and hunts the pony, George Henry, and tracks down thieves who have been stealing animals from the farm.

Johnny Rides Out

Citadel, London, 1948, illus Stanley Lloyd

Well Ridden!

Citadel, London, 1949, illus Stanley Lloyd

This is about a boy and his sister who love riding. It’s a bit of an adventure story as well: they ride, hunt and point to point, but also bring thieves to justice.

Adventure of Two Young Riders

Moss Bros, Covent Garden, London, undated, softback, 14pp, illus T Ivester Lloyd

Two children rescue a colt from gypsies.

Riders of the Heath

Country Life, London,1951, illus Peter Biegel

When Mr Crowther and his children Pam and Tony leave London for the country, they move to Ashgrove on the edge of the Heath. They soon find friends and ride out on the Heath, when they find out that someone is trying to capture Midnight, the black pony stallion put on the Heath to improve the breed.

Come on Young Riders!

Moss Bros, Covent Garden, London, undated, softback, illus Peter Biegel

Many thanks to Ann-Marie Lawson and LisaCatz for the pictures.


Riding Magazine, July 1954