Henley, Trevor

About the author

Trevor Henley wrote three children’s books in the 1940s. The first two, Let’s Find Adventure (1947) and Let’s Find Hidden Treasure (1947), were both non-fiction. The publisher, somewhat breathlessly, described Let’s Find Adventure as ‘something entirely new in boys’ books … which makes it possible for the reader actually to live adventure.’

The book described the exploits of travellers, explorers and sailors, and its successor Let’s Find Hidden Treasure, besides describing well known treasure hordes, also advised the reader how they could hunt treasure themselves.

Henley’s one pony book stuck to the adventure theme. Tony and Diana do indeed spend time schooling the pony, but this is interwoven with their efforts to track down a long-lost necklace, as well as work out who of those about them can be trusted.

Finding the book
Easy to find with and without its dustjacket.

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Mystery of Ambleways

Venturebooks Limited, Bath, 226 pp., illus Geo. S Dixon

Tony and Diana and their father rescue a pony who has become stuck in a ditch. The pony, Ranger, later becomes theirs, and they work with Daniels, who works at the farm next door, to break and school the pony.

But there is much more going on than just training the pony. Ambleways, the house, is very old, and centuries ago someone hid a necklace somewhere in the house. Is Daniels what he seems? Or is he interested in more than just the pony?