Henderson, Carolyn

About the author

Carolyn Henderson is well known as an equine author and journalist, contributing to Horse and Hound. She has written Getting Horses Fit, Showing Secrets, and Training Aids, amongst many others. She has written short stories, which appeared in Pony and Horse and Pony. Her novel The Grey Ghost was part of J A Allen’s Equestrian Fiction series, and is the story of Corinne, who longs for a pony, but perhaps more for her riding school not to close. It’s a dream-come-true story, and is possibly one of the earliest pony stories to stray into fantasy, with help from a ghost. The Grey Ghost has now been completely re-written as Beside Me, and has been printed by Forelock Books.

Finding the books
The Grey Ghost is easy to find. Beside Me is in print.


The Grey Ghost/Beside me

J A Allen, London, 1992
Forelock Books, 2014

The book was re-written for its publication with Forelock

Corinne finds a plaque with Grey Ghost’s name on it in the tack room of an old house. Corrine’s riding school is threatened with closure, so she’s not sure if she’ll be able to keep up riding. Her father is long absent, and Corinne wants to trace him, but will this cause even more problems with her mother?