Heathcote, Victoria Morley

About the author

Violet Morley Heathcote is an author about whom I have been able to track down remarkably little information. As far as I am aware, she wrote just the one book, Fiander’s Horses. The heroine, Fiander, sets out to work with horses. Fiander’s Horses seems to be a book you either love or loathe: it’s mentioned with great affection on horsy bulletin boards. When it came out, the book was reviewed in Pony Magazine by Lt Col C E G Hope, who said:

Some books come alive at once, some do not. I am afraid that, to me, Fiander’s Horses, by Violet M. Heathcote (Oxford University Press, 10s 6d.) is one of these. Fiander was a young girl, age not stated, who went to work for two years as a stable girl, first in a hunting establishment, then with a private owner of hacks, then in a racing stable; the idea was to save up money to buy a horse of her own, and then work on a farm with her uncle. Well, she brought it off and I am bound to say she thoroughly deserved to; yet somehow I found I could not care what happened to Fiander or her horses.

Lt Col C E G Hope, Pony, October 1953

I have a copy of the book, and have not yet managed to finish it, so thus far I side with Colonel Hope.

Finding the book
Not the easiest title to track down, particularly with a dustjacket. The paperback is, if anything, even more elusive than the hardback.

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Fiander’s Horses

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Fiander works for two years as a stable girl, first in a hunting stable, then in a private house and then a racing stable. Through all this, she manages to save up enough money to buy a horse of her own and work on a farm with her uncle.