Hance, Captain J E

About the author

Captain John Edward Hance taught riding both in the Army and in civilian life. He was best known for his non fiction instructional texts, but also wrote a book aimed at younger readers in which instruction is clothed by a story.

Colonel Hance’s daughter, Jackie, was a very well known child rider in the inter-war period, and I have written about her here.

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find, both with and without its dustjacket.

I’ve broken my usual habit of listing just fiction texts, as I became interested in Captain Hance, his family, and his riding school. As I am therefore the proud possessor of several of his books, which I’ve enjoyed, I thought you might be interested in the other things he wrote.

School for Horse and Rider


Riders of Tomorrow

Country Life Ltd, London, 1935, illus Robert Bartleet
Popular edition, Country Life, 1938, 128 pp.

“…. A practical guide to riding for children, and those who wish to teach children, taking the bold course of embodying his instruction in the form of an amusing story, centred around a small boy and a small girl.  Their adventures in learning to ride and their relationships with many typical horsey characters give the right background to the practical instruction…..”

Non fiction

School for Horse and Rider
Country Life, London, 1932 (revised edition 1937)
Better Horsemanship
Country Life, London, 1948, 80pp
Riding Master
Robert Hale, London, 1960, 192pp