Garnett, Sue

About the author

Sue Garnett wrote just the one pony book that I have been able to find. Cassie, a child of the Vicarage, has to move when her father moves to a different parish. Although published by a Christian publisher, this book is a move away from the evangelistic pony books of the 1960s, avoiding their overt religious tone.

Finding the book
A little bit more pricey than the average pony book, but not impossible to find.


The Ponies of Swallowdale Farm

Pickering Paperbacks, 1985

Cassie helps at Mrs Cole’s stables in return for free rides, so she is heartbroken when the family move to the Lake District. There she thinks everything will be alright, as there is a trekking stable near their new home. Unfortunately, the girl who lives there hates Cassie, and Cassie can’t understand why.