French, Vivian

About the author

Vivian French didn’t start out as a writer: she was an actor first, which was generally fun, though dressing as a caterpiller did have its downsides. She’s now written over 200 books, mostly for younger readers. As a child, she got into trouble for endlessly drawing horses over her school books. A little horse must have stuck, because they do crop up in two of her books. Both are part of the Tiara Club series, which is about the Princess Academy, where all princesses go to learn to do the job properly.

Vivian French now lives in Edinburgh; she’s still writing, and running writing workshops for children as well as mentoring new writers and illustrators.

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Links and sources
Vivian French’s website

Bibliography (pony books only)

Princess Katie and the Silver Pony

Orchard Books, London, 2005, 73pp, illus Sarah Gibb.

Princess Isabella and the Snow-White Unicorn

Orchard Books, London, 2007, 74 pp.