Fidler, Kathleen

About the author

Kathleen Fidler (1899–1980) was born in England, but after her marriage to James Goldie, spent most of her life in Bonnyrigg, Scotland, where she was often seen reading to children in the local library. She is best known for her Brydons and Dean series. However, amongst the many children’s books she wrote were a few pony titles, though of them, only Haki is easy to find. This is the story of a Shetland pony, and his owner Adam. The Stallion from the Sea, which is based on a Manx legend, is hard to find. Feodora is very hard to find indeed.

Books from Scotland have an article on Kathleen Fidler
Bonnyrigg and Lasswade historical society also has biographical information


Fedora the Donkey

Lutterworth, 1952, illus Iris Gillespie

The Stallion from the Sea

Lutterworth, 1953

Based on a Manx legend, this is a story of smuggling, adventure and a chestnut stallion.

Haki the Shetland Pony

Lutterworth, 1968, illus Victor Ambrus
Rand McNally, 1970
Knight, pb, 1973, cover Victor Ambrus
Kelpies, pb, 1985, cover Ingeborg Smith
Kelpies, pb, 2002 

Adam Cromarty has a Shetland colt, Haki, born on his father’s croft. Adam spent a lot of time training the pony, but then the day
came when Adam was told the pony would have to be sold, despite the fact Haki had been given to Adam for his own. And the pony was sold – to a circus.