Enriquez, Major C M

About the author

Major Colin Metcalfe Dallas Enriquez was born in Uttar Pradesh in India in 1884. He wrote many books about Burma, as well as Malaya and Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon at the time). His pony books are the Khyberie pair, which are set in Burma. Both books are beautifully illustrated by K F Barker.

Finding the books
Both titles are easy to find. They can be expensive because of their illustrator, but reasonably priced copies do turn up, particularly if you do not mind a copy without a dustjacket.


Khyberie, the Story of a Pony on the Indian Frontier

A & C Black, London, 1934, illus K F Barker

Many thanks to Sarah Beasley for the photo of the dustjacket

Khyberie in Burma, the Adventures of a Mountain Pony

Country Life, London, 1939, illus K F Barker
Country Life Junior Library reprint.

Khyberie is a hill pony, born in the mountains of Afghanistan. His owner, Captain
Malcolm, was ordered to Burma, but could not take Khyberie with him. Khyberie,
however, did get to Burma in the end, and had many adventures when he got there.

Many thanks to Alison MacCallum for the photograph of the earlier edition.

Short stories

Excerpts from his books are contained in:

Twenty More Animal Stories
Blackie & Son, 1941

My First Adventure – The Story of a Badakshani Pony

Khyberie Comes in Second, Another Story of the Badakshani Pony