Cooper, Louise

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Louise Cooper (1952–2009) wrote fantasies. She’d completed two novels by the time she left school (she described them as ’embarrassingly bad’) and published her first novel, The Book of Paradox, when she was 20. Six more novels followed, and she had her big break when, at her agent’s suggestion, she re-wrote her book Lord of No Time and turned it into the Time Master trilogy. Many more fantasy novels followed, including her Sea Horses quartet, which features an evil spirit horse.

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The Sea Horses series
Sea Horses
The Talisman
Gathering Storm
The Last Secret

Bibliography (horse books only)

sea horses

Puffin Books, London, 2003, 147 pp,

Centuries ago a cruel spirit horse from the sea was trapped in a statue: if the horse ever finds its freedom, then terrible things will happen: wild storms, rogue tides and destruction. Tamzin though is fascinated by the statue, and she is drawn under its spell.

the talisman

Puffin Books, London, 2004, 178 pp.

Tamzin Weston and her guardian pony Moonlight are preparing for the pony Fun Day. However, all is not right: there’s a strange rider and pony there, Marga and Lossie. Marga takes Tamzin’s protective talisman, and arranges things so that Tamzin has to ride Lossie. Lossie heads for the cliffs, out of control – and after Moonlight rescues Tamzin Marga and Lossie disappear. Tamzin knows they must have been agents of the Grey Horse, and that he won’t give up.

gathering storm

Puffin Books, London, 2004

Tamzin still hasn’t managed to quell the Grey Horse: in this latest installment, a newcomer arrives, and he helps Tanzin: but it isn’t enough. The Grey Horse’s power is growing stronger, endangering not only Tamzin, but the entire village. Tamzin needs help now more than ever – can Moonlight be that help?

the last secret

Puffin Books, London, 2005

Tamzin has met tragedy, and is trying to come to terms with the loss of Moonlight, her protector. Then Tamzin is drawn to a rocky outcrop, and goes off in a boat to investigate it. It is a trap. While the Blue Horse and the Grey confront each other, Tamzin tries desperately to escape.