Pullein-Thompson, Christine

About the author

Christine Pullein-Thompson (1925–2005) is one of the most prolific British pony book authors. She has over 100 books to her name, dwarfing the output of her sisters, Diana and Josephine. Her first solo book was We Rode to the Sea, and she followed this by what is probably a unique trilogy, the Chill Valley Hounds series, in which the heroes and heroines set up their own hunt. The likelihood of a series like this being published now is incredibly remote, but these stories were amongst Christine’s best, showing an interaction with the adult world that the pony story does not always embrace. Probably her other most noteworthy book is The Horse Sale. Christine was always interested in portraying riders from very different backgrounds, and this is one of her most successful. Like her sister Josephine’s Six Ponies, this book takes a situation and looks at how a very different set of characters react to it. The Horse Sale shows various teenagers and children coping with loved ponies being sold, and in some cases looking at, and changing their own behaviour. It is a satisfying read; without being too overtly fairytale, we see the struggle some of the characters have with themselves and their situations to achieve their dreams.

Christine’s later books showed a desire to move away from the portrayal of middle class children and their ponies (albeit sometimes the impoverished middle classes.) In books like Riders on the March and its sequel They Rode to Victory, she showed working class children fighting to save their riding school from development. These books are not as successful as other books depicting working class children and ponies. K M Peyton’s brilliant Fly-by-Night and Who Sir? Me Sir?, and Christine Dickenson’s Dark Horse both produce utterly believable characters: with Christine Pullein-Thompson’s, you are always just a little aware that it is an effort for the author to move outside her comfort zone: it’s a valiant effort, but it is an effort nevertheless.

She was on firmer ground writing about difficult emotional situations. In I Rode a Winner, her heroine, Debbie, comes from a broken home, and pours all her love onto the mare, Cleo. This is not one of the easiest of her books to read; its ending is not fairytale, but it is a convincing picture of a girl trying desperately hard to pick up the pieces of her life.

Christine moved back, with the Phantom Horse and Black Pony Inn series, to children with whose backgrounds she was more in tune. During the later part of her writing career, she wrote pony books for younger children, and series which concentrated on animal rescue.

In the publishing climate of today, by no means as accepting of the pony book as it once was, it is unlikely that many other British authors will ever match her output: Jenny Oldfield, a prolific generator of series has now overtaken her, but no other British author is even close. Yes, the American series by Bonnie Bryant, the Saddle Club, is enormously long, but it is a single series, and written by several different authors. Christine Pullein-Thompson produced pony stories covering pretty well every aspect of the genre: from tales of a wild horse, to holiday adventure, to rescue stories and hunting.

Links and sources
Cavalier Books’ fact sheet (the company is run by Christine’s daughter)
The Pullein-Thompson Archive – a blog which reviews the sisters’ stories
Christine Pullein-Thompson also wrote under the name Christine Keir

Many thanks to Dawn Harrison for the fantastic amount of help she has given me with this section, and to Charlotte of Cavalier Books for allowing me to use images from their site. Thanks too to Susan Bourgeau and Hannah Fleetwood for supplying photos.

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Chill Valley Hunt
We Hunted Hounds
I Carried The Horn
Goodbye To Hounds
Chill Valley Point to Point (short story)

Phantom Horse
Phantom Horse
Phantom Horse Comes Home
Phantom Horse Goes To Ireland
Phantom Horse In Danger
Phantom Horse Goes To Scotland
Wait For Me Phantom Horse

David and Pat
The First Rosette
The Second Mount
Three To Ride
The Lost Pony
For Want of a Saddle is a connector: it features Mick and Janice who appear first in The Lost Pony

Riding School Trilogy
The Empty Field
The Open Gate
The Doping Affair (later published as The Pony Dopers)

East Hanley
Riders On The March
They Rode To Victory

Pony Patrol
Pony Patrol S.O.S.
Pony Patrol Fights Back
Pony Patrol And The Mystery Horse
There is a short story called Pony Patrol Ends a Racket, published in Pony Parade in pb, 1978

Park Farm Animal Centre
Ponies In The Park
Ponies In The Forest
Ponies In The Blizzard

Candy Goes To The Gymkhana
Candy Stops A Train

Black Pony Inn
Mystery At Black Pony Inn
Strange Riders At Black Pony Inn
Secrets At Black Pony Inn
Prince At Black Pony Inn
Catastrophe At Black Pony Inn
Good Deeds At Black Pony Inn

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Bibliography (pony books only)

It Began with Picotee (with Josephine and Diana Pullein-Thompson)

A & C Black, London,1946, illus Rosemary Robertson

Olivia, Bridget and Griselda Douglas own Picotee, and they are then lent Tony. Then they buy a chestnut foal they call Pengo, and then they agree to school Colonel Selcombe’s half Shetland, and then they borrow Mrs Baxter’s two ponies…. And they end up with plenty of ponies.

We Rode to the Sea

Collins, London, 1948, illus Mil Brown
Collins Crown Library, London, 1948
Armada pb 1965
Collins Pony Library 1973

The MacGregors go on a riding tour of the Highlands, but then they come across some Germans with evil plans,and the riding tour takes a very different direction.

We Hunted Hounds

Collins, London 1949, illus Marcia Lane Foster, 190 pp.
Collins Pony Library 1970s
Armada pb 1964 (cover Mary Gernat) and 1970s
J A Allen 1990s pb

Sandy and Lawrence and the Day
family decide to start a pack of hounds.

I Carried the Horn

Collins, London,1951, illus Charlotte Hough
Collins 1958 reprint
White Lion Hb reprint
Armada pb 1964 (Mary Gernat cover) and 1970s
J A Allen pb (revised)

The Chill Valley hounds are building up their reputation, though with upsand downs along the way. Then Sandy gets the chance to act as huntsman, and carry the horn.

Goodbye to Hounds

Collins, London, 1952, illus Charlotte Hough
Collins 1956 reprint
Armada pb 1965 (Mary Gernat
White Lion, 1977, hb
J A Allen revised pb 1990s

It looks as if disaster has hit the Chill Valley Hounds: the lease on the Day’s farm is up; the farm is for sale, and they can’t afford to buy it. They need to raise £500 to save the hounds, and they have six months to do it.

Riders from Afar

Collins, London,1954, illus Charlotte Hough
Collins reprint 1957
Collins Pony Lib 1970s
White Lion hb 1976
Armada pb 1962

The children who live at the Castle are moving out and renting it for the summer to some wealthy Americans.They find the Americans are much more fun than they thought they were going to be.

Phantom Horse

Collins, London, 1955, illus Sheila Rose
Collins reprint 1957
Collins Seagull 1962
Armada pb 1969, 1978
Award hb 1997
Award hb, 2011, cover Jennifer Bell

Jean and her brother Angus have to go to Virginia with their parents, which means leaving their beloved ponies. While they are out there, they meet the Miller family and ride with them. It is on a ride with them that they see the wild palomino, and are determined to catch him. At last they do, but it is very nearly too late.

A Day to Go Hunting

Collins, London,1956, illus Sheila Rose
Armada pb 1969, 1970s

This is the story of a day out with the South Flintshire Foxhounds, and what happens to all the people and horses and ponies who set off for the meet:  some of them keen, some of them nervous, and some to return with their lives changed.

The First Rosette

Burke, London, 1956, illus Sheila Rose
Dragon pb 1967, cover Mary Gernat. 124 pp
Dragon pb, 1979, cover Susan Hunter
Jane Badger Books, 2023

David Smith is not like the rest of his family: he only wants to ride. He meets Pat, the Master’s daughter, but he still has no pony until he gets one as a reward. His next pony, Folly, and David get on well, and it seems that she has a great future as a show jumper.

The Impossible Horse

(as Christine Keir)
Evans, London, 1957, illus Maurice Tulloch
Reprinted in pb by Dragon in 1972 as by Christine Pullein-Thompson
Jane Badger Books, Northamptonshire, eBook, 2024

Jan Craigson sees the beautiful bay Benedictine out hunting, when he rears and badly injures Sonia Stanmore. Jan has just started taking horses to school now that she has left school, and she is convinced that she can re-school Benedictine and return him to the horse he was before the Stanmores bought him.

Stolen Ponies

Collins, London, 1957 hb, illus Sheila Rose, 192 pp.
Collins Pony Library 1970s
Armada pb 1965, 1974, 157 pp.

The wild ponies are being killed, probably for horsemeat, and two holidaying families decide to do something about it.

The Second Mount

Burke, London, hb 1957, illus Sheila Rose
Dragon pb 1967
Dragon pb with new cover, 1970s
Jane Badger Books, 2023

David and Pat have gone into partnership running the Elm Tree Riding School. Then they buy the bay mare Tornada at a Sale, and she appears completely unrideable. Even after they make a success of her, David’s
troubles are not over as Pat decides to leave to be a debutante.  

Three to Ride

Burke, London, 1958, illus Sheila Rose
Burke reprint Falcon Library hb 1960
Dragon pb 1960s and 1973
in Three in One Pony Stories
Red Fox pb 1999
Jane Badger Books, 2023

David is to become a working pupil at Major Seely’s stables. The stud groom who runs the stables, Mr Booth, resents David and makes his life so difficult when Major Seely is abroad that David leaves.

The Lost Pony

Burke, London, 1959 hb, illus Sheila Rose
Burke Junior Pacemaker 1964 pb
Dragon pb 1975
in Burke hb Triple Adventure 1965
Cavalier pb

Janice and Mick long for a pony of their own, and when they are sent away to foster parents in the country they find one in the cabbage patch.

For Want of a Saddle

Burke, London, 1960, illus Anne Bullen
Burke. 1964, Junior Pacemaker pb
Dragon, pb, 1972
Cavalier, pb, 1994

NB: the Pacemaker edition has the wrong blurb on the cover: it actually refers to A Pony and His Partner, which they also published.

Mick and Janice have moved to the country with their parents, and at last have a pony of their own. Unfortunately, they can’t afford a saddle.  

The Horse Sale

Collins, London, 1960, illus Sheila Rose
Armada pb, early 1970s, 1979
Jane Badger Books, 2022, eBook

This is the story of Olga, trying to buy Crusoe, who has been sent to the Horse Sale, and of several other local children and their fortunes at the same sale.

Ride by Night

Collins,London, 1960, illus Sheila Rose
CBC hb edn
Collins Pony Library 1974
Armada pb 1960s
Armada pb, 1979

Sheila and Desmond decide to go on a Highland trek with five other children. Nothing goes to plan: they lose their way, lose one of the ponies, and then encounter two Rumanians trying to escape from the Russians. They all get involved.

The Empty Field

Burke, London, 1961, illus Anne Bullen
Dragon pb 1967
Goodchild, Aylesbury, hb, 1986

Three horses are condemned to death, and so nine boys and girls struggle to save them, organising a gymkhana to raise funds. However, it looks as if all their effort has been for nothing when one day they discover the horses gone and an empty field….

The Open Gate

Burke, London, 1962 , illus Barbara Crocker
Dragon pb 1967 and 1970s
Goodchild hb 1986

A gang of motorcyclists are up to no good with the ponies, and one day frighten them all away apart from Frosty and Turpin.

The Doping Affair (The Pony Dopers)

Burke, London,1963, illus Enid Ash
Reprinted as The Pony Dopers, Dragon pb 1970s
Goodchild, Aylesbury, hb 1987

Miss Lewis’ new horse, Romany ought to win the jumping but he doesn’t. He’s obviously been doped and the riding school children have to find out who’s responsible.

Bandits in the Hills

Hamish Hamilton, London, 1962, illus Janet Duchesne
Reprinted 1964, 1967, 1971 and 1973

A donkey story rather than a pony story but this seems the right section for it!

Little Black Pony

Hamish Hamilton, London, 1967, illus Lynette Hemmant
Reprinted 1973

Riders on the March

Armada, London, pb 1970
Armada, London, pb later 1970s (date uncertain)
Severn House 1980 hb
Cavalier 1990s

It looks as if the Riding School will close after the Council announces a scheme to develop the land and build bungalows and a playground. The children at the school are determined to save their riding school.

Phantom Horse Comes Home

Armada, London, pb, 1970
Armada, London, pb, 1978
Ravette pb (date?)
Severn House, hb, 1979
Award, hb, 1997
Award, 2011, cover Jennifer Bell

Jean and Angus now have to return to England, but how will they get Phantom home on the plane when he’s never even been in a horsebox? Then Mr Miller bets Jean $500 Phantom will never go in a ring again…

Phantom Horse Goes to Ireland

Armada, London, pb 1972
Armada, London, pb, 1978
Ravette pb (date?)
Severn House, London, hb 1980
Award, London, hb, 1997
As Phantom Horse Disappears
Award, London, hb, 2012, cover Jennifer Bell

Jean and Angus’ parents are off again, but this time they aren’t going too. They are to go to a cousin in Ireland, together with Phantom, but they find very much more in Ireland than they bargained for, including
gun running.

They Rode to Victory

Armada, London, pb 1972
Armada, London, pb 1979
Severn House, London, 1979 hb
Cavalier pb, 2001

The comprehensive school team is going to compete against a team from a smart girls’ school. The team are desperate to win, but then their teachers, including their
instructor goes on strike. Gavin decides to practice in secret.

I Rode a Winner

Armada, London, pb, 1973, later 70s printing
Severn House, London, hb, 1984
Cavalier, pb, 1994

Debbie’s parents have split up, and so she is going to live with her brother and his wife at their stables. There she falls for the talented mare Cleo, and rides her to victory. Alas Cleo is not hers, and Debbie suffers agonies as the mare’s future is decided.

Black Velvet

Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1975, hb
Knight, London, pb, 1979
The Children’s Book Club, 1976
McGraw Hill, New York, 1980

Velvet was the best looking colt the farmer who had bred him had seen for a long while, but then farming starts to change with the introduction of machinery, and it looks as if Velvet is redundant. He is then bought
by a girl called May, who is keen on the new fangled forward seat, and then he experiences the  Second World War.

Mystery at Black Pony Inn

Pan, London, pb, 1976, cover Christine Molan, illus Gareth Floyd
Severn House, London, hb, 1977
Swift, London, 1987 (identical to Ravette pb)
Take Part Series, Ward Lock 1977, adapted by Sheila Lane and Marion Kemp
Ravette pb 1989

The Pemberton family are hard up, so decide to turn their house into a B&B. Their first guest is Commander Cooley, but he is far from what he seems.

Strange Riders at Black Pony Inn

Pan, London, 1976 pb, illus Gareth Floyd
Severn House, London, hb, 1977
Swift, hb, 1986
Ravette, pb, 1989

The guests at Black Pony Inn in this adventure include a nasty little madam, a beautiful pony called Apollo and a sweet old lady.

Pony Patrol

Dragon Books, London, pb 1977
Severn House, London, hb 1979
Simon & Schuster 1991 hb and pb

The Pony Patrol are a team of young riders whose aim is to take part in any emergency and to fight for what is right: in this first adventure they are determined to catch an arsonist.  

Pony Patrol Fights Back

Dragon, London, pb 1977
Severn House, London, hb 1979
Simon & Schuster, London, hb and pb 1992

The Pony Patrol team decide to advertise their services, but it looks as though this might have backfired when they are threatened.

Pony Patrol SOS

Dragon, London, pb 1977
Severn House, London, hb 1979
Simon & Schuster, London, hb and pb 1992

A little girl is lost on the marshes, and the Pony Patrol, together with new member Alison, join the police search for Maggy.  


As far as I know, printed only in Black Beauty’s Family compilations
Black Beauty’s Family, Hodder, 1978
Black Beauty’s Family I, Beaver, London, 1981
Black Beauty’s Family, Chancellor, 1986
More from Black Beauty’s Family, Red Fox, 2001

Blossom’s life begins with hardship when she is taken from her mother and sold to a coal merchant.

Secrets at Black Pony Inn

Pan, London, pb 1978, cover Christine Molan, illus Gareth Floyd
Severn House, London, hb 1978
Swift hb?
Ravette pb 1989

The Travers family come to stay with the Pemberton family at Black Pony Inn.

Prince at Black Pony Inn

Pan, London, pb 1978, illus Gareth Floyd
Severn House, London, hb
Swift hb 1988
Ravette pb 1989

This time the Pemberton family have an equine guest: Prince. He is a beautiful chestnut gelding, but he doesn’t settle down at the Inn, and much trouble results.

Phantom Horse in Danger

Armada, London, pb ,1980
Severn House, London, hb, 1983
Award, London, hb, 1997
Award, London, hb, 2012, cover Jennifer Bell

They know that Craig is buying horses under false pretences: not for riding but for slaughter, so decide to use Jean and Angus’s horses as bait to learn exactly what is happening, but it all goes horribly wrong, and Jean and Angus find themselves in a desperate race to save their ponies from the abattoir.  

Phantom Horse Goes to Scotland

Armada, London, pb, 1981
Severn House, London, hb
Ravette, pb
Award, London, hb, 1997
As Phantom Horse Island Mystery
Award, Worksop, hb, 2012

Jean and Phantom have gone to a Scottish island for a holiday, but there is an air of mystery to the whole place. Jean doesn’t understand why most of the inhabitants have left, and why horses are being flown into the island. In the end, only Phantom can save the day, and then only if he can swim to a neighbouring island.

Pony Patrol and the Mystery Horse

Pan, London, pb 1980
Severn House, London, 1981
Simon & Schuster 1993 hb and pb, illus Jennifer Bell, cover Rowan Isaac, taken at the Honington Equestrian Centre, Southborough, Kent. 188 pp.

A mystery horse is appearing every night on the hill above the farm. The Pony Patrol are
called in to find out who owns the horse and why he keeps coming back to Thistle Wood

Black Pioneer

As far as I know, this wasn’t published separately. Black Beauty’s Family 2, Beaver, 1982

Black Pioneer was an American horse, born in the Deep South. He becomes a cavalry horse in the Civil War.

Ponies in the Park

Beaver, London, 1982 pb
Severn House, London, hb 1983

Andy, Rosie, Clara and their mother are left Park Farm by an uncle. They are delighted as they can leave the city behind them, and maybe have ponies. However, the farm is dilapidated, and has to be made to pay its
way. The children are delighted when they find a pony in the field and quickly strike up a friendship with its owner. They open an Animal Centre, and this book sees the first animals arriving, as well as their first ponies.
But will it be a success….

Ponies in the Forest

Beaver, London, pb 1983
Severn House, London, hb 1983

Silas is recruited from a local remand centre to help at the Centre.  At first the chldren are unsure of him, but he has an affinity with animals and is a great rider. Together they defeat some badger baiters, which means lots of publicity for the Centre. It does mean though that Silas is recognised, and the Centre is attacked. Silas flees, and no one is sure if he was responsible or not. Be warned: some parts of this book are gory!

Ponies in the Blizzard

Beaver, London, 1984 pb
Severn House, London,1986

The children decide to go off on a ride, but a blizzard strikes, and they find they are completely and utterly lost, with no way of contacting their parents.

Wait for Me Phantom Horse

Ravette, London, pb 1985
Severn House hb
Award 1997 hb, ill Eric Rowe
Award, 2012, hb, cover Jennifer Bell

Phantom Horse is stolen, and is used to bait a trap for Jean. There are masked men with guns, and a chase with a motor bike before the mystery is solved.

Candy Goes to the Gymkhana

Paperbird 1989, ill Gavin Rowe

The Fraser family find out there is going to be a gymkhana, and they practise hard with Candy. When the day comes, however, they find out that other things are more important than winning.

Candy Stops a Train

Paperbird 1989, ill Terry Gabbey

Liz, Neil and Vicky Fraser discover their family pony, Candy, is missing from her paddock.

Catastrophe at Black Pony Inn

Ravette pb 1989
Swift hb 1991

A new family are coming to stay at Black Pony Inn, and they’re bringing horses and dogs too. The Pembertons try very hard to like the Abbots, but it’s very hard work. Then a hurricane hits the stables, and the Pembertons have to contend with injured ponies, power cuts and not enough food.

Good Deeds at Black Pony Inn

Ravette pb 1989
Swift 1991 hb

Lisa Pemberton’s friend Gillian is very ill, and her only hope is an expensive operation in America which her mother can’t afford. The Pembertons decide to start a fundraising campaign to raise the money.

A Pony in Distress

Cavalier, 1994 pb

A rather dramatic story, with lots of emotional ups and downs.  Rob, who has a disability himself, is determined to save an old pony who has been neglected.

I Want That Pony!

Simon & Schuster, London, 1994
Reprinted in pb 1994

Flash is a very sought after pony:  Sophy is desperate to own him, but he already belongs to Alison, who loves him, and wouldn’t ever dream of selling him. Who will win the battle over Flash?

The Best Pony For Me!

Macdonald Young, London, 1995

There is to be a show, and Sophy is desperate to ride Honey Bee, who is the best pony at the stables. However, she gets Mousie instead, and Mousie is not exactly a world beater. Can Sophy manage to win?


Cavalier 1996

Horsehaven is a horse sanctuary. Jenny, Josh and Cathy are about to embark on their most amazing rescue yet.

Sundance Saves the Day

Cavalier 1997

This book was written specially for Julip Model Horses and was sold only by them. It is an adventure featuring several of the models in the Julip Horse of the Year range of the time, including, of course,Sundance.

Sundance, Jigsaw, Midnight and Silver Cloud, with their riders Sarah, Jack, Mandy and Nicky are going on a 20 mile sponsored ride to raise money for charity. They are all looking forward to it, but after only a few miles, everything starts to go wrong, and Midnight is left with an injured leg.

Left – a shot of the original catalogue in which the book was advertised.

Many thanks to Dawn Harrison for all the information on this book.

The Pony Test

Macdonald Young, London, 1997
reprinted in pb 1999

Sophy has joined the Pony Club, and is about to take her D test. Determined to be better than everyone else, she mugs up from library books, but when Test Day comes, nothing goes quite to plan.

The Pony Picnic

Macdonald Young, London, 1998, illus Gilly Marklew
Reprinted in pb 1999

Sophy is really looking forward to the picnic ride, and takes everything she can think of in her rucksack. Some of the other laugh at her, but as the picnic ride progresses, Sophy’s rucksack comes in very handy indeed.

Havoc at Horsehaven

Cavalier pb 1999

Jenny, Josh and Cathy rescue a mare and look after a pony, Cathy gets a modelling job and Jenny is rushed to hospital.

Horsehaven Lives On

Cavalier pb 1999

It does look as if Horsehaven won’t live on, after no milk, illness and fire raising mean the Sanctuary is near to closing. Josh, Cathy and Bill find a derelict farm with lots of neglected animals.


Adventure Stories from Black Pony Inn

Award 1998

Mystery at Black Pony Inn
Strangers at Black Pony Inn
Secrets at Black Pony Inn

More Adventures from Black Pony Inn

Award 1999

Prince at Black Pony Inn
Catastrophe at Black Pony Inn
Good Deeds at Black Pony Inn

Short stories

Cocktail Capitulates, Riding Magazine, January, 1941, written with Diana and Josephine.
A ruined pony is rehabilitated.

The Road to Ruin, Riding Magazine, Summer, 1942, written with Diana and Josephine
A pony goes to the bad.

She Won’t Jump, Riding Magazine, September, 1951, illus Rex E Swallow

Nothing Venture, Pony Magazine, July 1952, illus Maurice Tulloch

The Chill Valley Point-to-Point, Pony, Nov 1953 – Mar 1954, illus Joan Wanklyn
Another adventure for the Chill Valley Hunt, who feature in three full length books.

Star Pupil, Our Own Schoolgirl’s Annual, World Distributors, 1955
Sheila feels she’s hopeless – with the Pony Club dance make a difference?

An Unexpected Hunt, Daily Mail Annual for Girls, London, 1955
Cherry follows the hunt on foot, and unexpected things happen.

The Vicious Circle, Pony Club Book No. 10, Naldrett Press Ltd/The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1959, illus Helen Collins
Sunstar can jump at home, but it’s a totally different matter when he’s away.

A New Beginning, Collins Girls’ Annual, 1958
When Janet’s father is sent to prison, she feels isolated, but when she starts to train problem ponies, life improves.

A Job in Life, The Crackerjack Book for Girls, Children’s Press, undated, possibly 1950s, illus Sheila Rose.
Judy leaves school and starts working with horses.

Chance to Jump, Pony Magazine, October 1969, illus Ninetta Butterworth

Pony Patrol Ends a Racket, Pony Parade, Granada, 1978

Letters to an Elder Sister, Pony Parade, Granada, 1978

A Little Grey Foal, Pony Tales, Pony Magazine, 1988, ed Julia Goodwin
Pullein-Thompson Treasury, 1995

The Ghost in the Top Meadow, Horse and Pony Stories – chosen by Christine Pullein-Thompson, Kingfisher 1992, various later reprints, illus Victor Ambrus

The Pullein-Thompson Treasury of Horse and Pony Stories
Award, 1995, illus Eric Rowe. Reprinted 2015.
Hoofprints in the Sand
A Little Grey Foal
Isobel’s Pony
Green with Envy
Just a Bit Different
Skeleton Rider
Downright Cruelty
The Old Dun Pony
Burnt Rosettes
Firkin’s Ghost
Too Much Trouble
A Ghost in the Family
What a Turnabout!
Only Five Days Left
Status Symbol
The Night Coach Comes In
The Bargain
A Real Live Ghost
Miserable Wreck
Too Scared to Ride

The Vanishing Pony, Ride Like the Wind, Orion, 1997, ed Wendy Cooling
A pony kept on his own is lonely, and goes missing.

Short story collections edited by Christine Pullein-Thompson

A Pony Scrapbook, Pan 1972
A Second Pony Scrapbook, Pan 1973
Christine Pullein-Thompson’s Book of Pony Stories, Pan, London, 1975
Pony Parade, Granada, 1978, pb
A collection of bits and pieces; fiction and non fiction.
Saddle Up, Kingfisher 1994, reprinted 2007
Riding Stories, Kingfisher 1995, illus Victor Ambrus
Thundering Hooves, Kingfisher 1996, illus Victor Ambrus
Republished as More Horse & Pony Stories, Kingfisher 1998
Bedtime Pony Stories, Cavalier 1997, illus Mark Smallman
More Bedtime Pony Stories, Cavalier 1997
Magical Pony Tales, Cavalier 1998
Incredible Pony Tales, Cavalier 1998

non fiction

Follyfoot Pony Quiz Book, Pan 1974
Good Riding, Armada pb 1975
Severn House hb 1977
A Pony to Love, Pan pb 1975
Severn House hb 1978
Riding for Fun, Armada Original, 1976,
Severn House 1978
Improve Your Riding, Armada pb 1979
Severn House hb 1985
Riding, Granada 1983 (as Christine Keir)
Fair Girls and Grey Horses, Allison & Busby 1996