Chittenden, Margaret

About the author

Margaret Chittenden, an author who also writes as Meg Chittenden, under which name she’s much better known, was born and educated in England. After an unsatisfactory period working as a civil servant, she went to work for Pinewood Studios, which was much more interesting. She now lives in America, having married an American. Once there, she started to write articles for the local press, and went on to writing novels. She’s now written over 30 books, three of them for children, amongst which is the pony story The Mystery of the Missing Pony. She’s best known for writing crime novels.

Finding the book
Published in America, so easy to find there; not so in the UK.

Links and sources
Meg Chittenden’s website

Bibliography (pony books only)


Garrard Publishing Co, Champaign, Illinois, 1980, 64 pp, illus Ruth Sanderson

Taffy is a pinto circus pony, who is stolen from the circus. His rider, Mike, is distraught, and tries his best to get him back.