Castor, Harriet

About the author

Harriet Castor, who also writes as H M Castor, is now a writer of historical fiction. She studied history at Cambridge, taught English in Prague, and worked for the Royal Ballet as a dance notator. She was a phenomenally early starter as a writer: her first book was accepted by Penguin when she was 12. Since then, she’s written over 40 books, including a series about ballet, and a good mix of historical non fiction. Her one pony book, Pony Passion, is a contribution to the lengthy Sleeopver Club series, written by a number of authors.

Finding the books
Easy to find, as Pony Passion is still in print.

Links and sources
Harriet Castor’s website
The Sleepover Club – the TV series

Bibliography (pony books only)


Collins, London, 2003, 144pp
Republished as Pony Passion
HarperCollins Children’s, London, 2008, 147 pp.

When Lyndz falls off her favourite horse at Mrs McAllister’s stables, she develops a sudden terror of riding. It will take all the super-powers of the Sleepover Club to get her back on a horse again…