Bairstow, Doreen

About the author

A Rosette for Helen is one of a group of pony books written from a Christian viewpoint. Doreen Bairstow was on the staff of Scripture Union, which “makes God’s good news known to children, young people and families.” Scripture Union have for some while published a range of children’s books, generally taking care to reflect what is currently popular in children’s literature. A Rosette for Helen is one of its pony titles.

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Easy to find, and generally reasonably priced.

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The Scripture Union website
Thank you to Hannah Fleetwood for the photograph and information on the book.

Bibliography (pony books only)


A Tiger Book, Scripture Union, 1991, 95 pp.
Cover Sheila Ratcliffe

“Jo and Claire’s dream was to have a pony of their very own. And when they were allowed to go on the own a pony week at the local stables it seemed like the dream was to come true. If only Helen wasn’t there to show off what a good rider she was! Jo and Clare decide to teach her a lesson but it works out quite differently for them all.”