Asquith, Ros

About the author

Ros Asquith was a cartoonist for The Guardian. She was educated at the Camberwell School of Art, and had her first job at the age of 17, illustrating an edition of the Greek myths.  

She has written numerous children’s books. Trixie and the Dream Pony of Doom is part of a six-book series about Trixie Tempest, who is badged as “your bestest friend ever.”  It’s the only pony-orientated title; others see Trixie tackling dogs, and Everything, which is nothing if not thorough. The Dream Pony of Doom is written with a lot of energy, although its changes of font and charging off down side alleys of plot make you feel a little goggled at the end of it. The book’s authenticity is sadly lacking: Trixie circles during a jumping competition and there’s no suggestion of her being given a refusal.

Finding the book
Easy to find.

Links and sources
Ros Asquith’s website (link no longer works)
Ros Asquith on the Cartoonist’s Guild (link no longer works)



Harper Collins Children’s Books, London, 2007, 201pp.   Illus the author.

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Trixie has always, always wanted a pony.  Then she gets one, but absolutely nothing goes to plan.