Douthwaite, Wendy

Wendy Douthwaite also wrote under the name Elizabeth Wynne. She has written at least one Animal Ark title under the name Lucy Daniels - Donkey Derby. Her Polly series is about an Arabian mare, the Polly of the title. The books are good reads, and it’s a pity they’re no longer in print.

When I read Wendy Douthwaite’s autobiographical snippet on the back flap of A Very Special Pony, I was in awe. It says: “As well as managing a business, and writing, Wendy Douthwaite paints and draws, plays the flute, rides, runs for the local Athletic Club, sails and plays badminton, practises photography and, of course, reads.” This run through of her life failed to mention that she was also bringing up a family of a son and two daughters, and that both daughters had ponies. I admit it: I am an inferior being. I don’t do half that, and quite a proportion of that isn’t done well.

Wendy Douthwaite had always enjoyed writing, and when she decided to write a book, chose to make it about ponies. She wrote everywhere she could, including on trains and in bed! She still runs the book-selling business with her husband, but I’m not sure how many of the other things she still does. Maybe she has added more.

Finding the books
Not impossible to find, but they don’t crop up that often. They are generally, apart from A Very Special Pony, quite reasonably priced. If you want A Very Special Pony, keep looking. It does turn up at a reasonable price every now and then.

Dustjacket of A Very Special Pony