Harrison, Troon

The Horse Road is the first in a series of historical novels; each taking place in a different time and place. The Horse Road is set in 1st century BC Asia, and is about the Akhal-Teke, not a horse that makes frequent appearances in equine fiction.Red River Stallion features the Norfolk Trotter, and the part it played in the Canadian fur trade during the 1830s. Troon Harrison has written a solid historical in The Horse Road: the horses in particular are very well done.

Troon Harrison was born in the Rocky Mountains, BC, Canada but was brought up in Cornwall. She returned to Canada, and was educated at Trent and Queen’s universities. She works as a writer, editor and teacher, and has two horses of her own.

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Bibliography: pony books only
The Memory Horse, 2001
The Horse Road, Bloomsbury, New York and London, 2012
Red River Stallion, Bloomsbury, New York and London, 2013