Green, Sylvia

British author Sylvia Green was an early starter: she wrote a play for her Girl Guides pack, and two editions of a newspaper. She started writing in earnest when her children were small and she was working from home as a book keeper. Her first book was the splendidly titled A Parsnip Called Val (1997), which was inspired by a Tesco till receipt. Since then she’s written many books aimed at the younger reader, amongst which are two equine stories: The Christmas Pony and The Christmas Wish. These form part of a Christmas-themed series, which combines the themes of Christmas, and rescuing and caring for animals.

Finding the books
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Links and sources
Sylvia Green on Wordpool

Bibliography: pony books only
The Christmas Pony, Scholastic, London, 2001, 128 pp, illus Mike Rowe
Reissued as: The Best Christmas Ever: The Christmas Pony (contains two stories, one about a cat)
Scholastic, London, 2003, 244 pp.
The Christmas Wish, Scholastic, London, 2004
Galaxy, Bath, 2007, large print edition