Millard, Susan

Susan (Sue) Millard has written one pony book, for the J A Allen Equestrian Fiction series. It is a dark read in some ways, aimed at older teenagers. Against the Odds’ heroine, Sian, leaves home to work in a racing stable, but she soon finds that the trainer’s son Justin, after the initial attraction, has a vicious, ruthless side when he rapes her. This is not described explicitly in the book, but it is quite clear what has happened, so if you’re buying this book for a child, make sure they can cope.

The book itself is an excellent read: Sue Millard has alas written no more pony books, but Against the Odds is still easy to find. She has written a book of cartoons about Fell ponies, One Fell Swoop, and Hoofprints in Eden, exploring the Fell Pony breed as it is in the 21st century. Sue Millard is a panel judge for the Fell Pony Society, though now her knees have objected, she judges less. She is also very involved with the North West Driving Club, and owns a Fell mare, Ruby, and a gelding Mr T, who is out on loan.

Until recently, she was a computing lecturer at the University of Cumbria and designs websites, as well as continuing to write. She writes a very good blog.

Finding the book
Still easy to find, and reasonably priced

Sue Millard’s website, Jackdaw Books
Sue Millard’s blog