Mogridge, Steven and Stevens, Jill

Stephen Mogridge wrote a series of pony adventure stories based in the New Forest. The books feature the same cast of characters: Patricia, Bill, Ti, Freddy, Fiona and Julia. Patricia is the most manic pony owner, of the set, being the devoted owner of Star, a foal she adopts in the first book.

Stephen Mogridge also wrote under the pseudonym Jill Stevens, under which name he wrote a story for younger children about a donkey.

The New Forest Series
New Forest Adventure
New Forest Mystery
New Forest Quest
New Forest Exploits
New Forest Discoveries
New Forest Smugglers
New Forest Pirates
New Forest Vagabond
New Forest Detectives
New Forest Treasure
New Forest Spies

Finding the books
Adventure, Discoveries, Exploits, and Mystery are all relatively easy to find, and usually reasonably priced. Pirates and Smugglers are a little more expensive. Spies, Vagabonds, Quest, Detectives and Treasure are all very much harder to find, and can be very expensive indeed.

Links and sources
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