Faulkner-Horne, Shirley

Shirley Faulkner-Horne had her first book, Riding for Children, published by Country Life in 1936, when she was 15.  Between then and 1954 she wrote 10 books concerned with horses; both fiction and non fiction (note: there may have been more.  Not all her works are listed in the copyright libraries). Her work was mostly published by Witherby, and illustrated by Peter Biegel, with the exception of Pat and Her Polo Pony, which was published by Country Life. She has two books currently in print: Pathway of the Moon and Pegasus and the Pony, royalties of which go jointly to the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy and Riding for the Disabled.  She was a founding Trustee of the Fortune Centre.

She has written one series, featuring Ian and Veronica Paisley, and two sets of two titles. Her husband is an ex-Battle of Britain pilot and they have lived and farmed for many years in the New Forest.  She has her own website here.
Bred in the Bone, 1938
Pat and Her Polo Pony, 1939
Riding with the Kindles, 1941
Parachute Silk, 1944
Mexican Saddle, 1946
Green Trail, 1947
White Poles, 1954
Look Before You Leap, 1955
Pathway of the Moon, 1988
Pegasus and the Pony, 1999
Non fiction
Riding for Children, 1936
The Horse Lover's Anthology (Ed), 1949

Finding the books:most of her books are easy to find:  Pat can be difficult, as its subject, polo, gives it an appeal to a slightly different market. Riding with the Kindles is harder to find, and Look Before You Leap can be expensive.  Generally, her older books are becoming more expensive, but the two Pegasus books are available new.