Barnes, Rory

Rory Barnes (b.1946) was born in England, moved to Rhodesia, and then when he was 10 to Australia, where he’s mostly been ever since. School was a battle: he was dyslexic, but he still managed a university career. During this, he wrote a couple of novels, neither of which was published. When he was on a fellowship at Stanford University, California, Damien Broderick read his novel of politically active school teachers in the sixties and told him the novel would work fine if only it were set in a different time and a different planet. You do it then, said Barnes, and Valencies was the result. They co-authored other novels, and since then Barnes has written whatever he can be paid to write. His subjects include epigenetic cancer, blue-green algae, and an off-the-wall children’s series about Spud, the Horsehead Boy.

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Available in Kindle format in 2013.

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