Ottley, Reginald

Reginald Ottley (1909–1985) was born in London. He left London at the age of fourteen to go to sea, and after travelling the world working as a deck boy, cook and fireman’s peggy, settled in Australia in 1924. There he worked on a grazing property in New South Wales, which he used as the background for his books. Although he did move to Fiji to manage a large cattle station, he returned to Sydney after the start of World War II. He was drafted to the Remount Squadron, and supervised the breaking in of 5000 horses (after which writing must have seemed like a walk in the park).

During the 1960s he moved again, living and writing in England and Ireland before he returned to Australia in 1970.

Finding the books
Most of the books were published in England as well as in Australia, so are reasonably easy to find.

Links and sources
Reginald Leslie Ottley by Belle Alderman (Reading Time, no. 95, April 1995)