Clover, Peter

Peter Clover was born in London in 1952. His first book was Drawing Horses and Ponies, and the first pony book he illustrated was Christine Pullein-Thompson’s The Best Pony for Me! He is best known for writing the Sheltie series, which is aimed at young readers. There have been American authors who have written for this age group before (C W Anderson’s Billy and Blaze is a particularly good example), but Peter Clover is one of the first British authors to do so. The Sheltie series, about Sheltie the Shetland pony and his owner Emma now runs to 24 titles. Many of them are still in print, and the earlier titles have gone into further editions.

Peter Clover has also written a series on donkeys (which is a rarity these days: donkey stories have never been thick on the ground) as well as the Rescue Riders series, again for the younger reader.

Links & Sources
Penguin Books’ page on Peter Clover

Other Books
Drawing Horses and Ponies, 1994
Numerous Sheltie specials

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