Devine, Pauline

Pauline Devine was born in Loughrea, County Galway, and studied at University College, Dublin, Trinity College and Sydney University. During her career she has been a Writer-in-residence in Ireland, Wales and the USA, and has worked variously as a journalist, teacher, adjudicator and editor. She was involved with her local pony club, and has exhibited (successfully) at the Dublin Horse Show. Pauline Devine has written several pony books, two of which, Best Friends and Best Friends Again, are about the same characters, Sarah and Paula. The author felt that many pony books read like straight instructional manuals; or if not this, were too light on realistic detail. Her books, she hoped overcame both these problems. She said:

'Pony lovers have other sides to their lives besides mucking out at 7 am, skipping out at 9 am, feeding at 11 am, and exercising at noon. They live in a family, have neighbours and friends, and sometimes meet strangers who lead them into adventure.'

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All titles are still in print, and are very easily found on the secondhand market.

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Some biographical information on the author
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