Robinson, Nigel

Nigel Robinson wrote four books in the Luke Cannon Showjumping Mysteries series. There is a Nigel Robinson who wrote extensively for Target Books: principally novelisations of children’s sci-fi series such as Dr Who and The Tomorrow People. Whether the two are the same I have not been able to find out: if anyone can confirm one way or the other I would be very grateful.

The Luke Cannon series is aimed at teenagers. Luke is in his late teens, and runs a small show jumping yard with the help of his friends and grooms, Jake, and Kim. Luke was able to buy the yard after the tragic death of his parents. He is a gifted show jumper but life tends to involve dramatic mysteries. The books are rather underwhelming: although they don’t follow most of the pony book conventions, the mysteries themselves are predictable.

Finding the books
All the books are easy to find in both paperback and hardback, and none are expensive.

Luke Cannon Showjumping Mysteries
The Piebald Princess
The Chestnut Chase
The Black Mare of Devil’s Hill
Decision Day for the Dapple Grey