de Jong, Meindert

Meindert DeJong (1906–91) was born in Holland, but emigrated to America with his family in 1914 when he was 8. He wrote 27 books for children, many of which were inspired by his childhood memories of Holland. He started to write after a local librarian steered him in that direction: he had already, in post-Depression America, done an amazing variety of jobs, having been a grave-digger, college professor, mason, tin smith, bricklayer and church sexton. His books won numerous prices, including the Newbery Medal in 1955 for The Wheel on the School.  

He wrote one book which could be defined as a horse book: A Horse Came Running.  It draws you into its drama straightaway as a tornado hits and a father and daughter survive by sheltering in a stable as their house is torn off its moorings and whipped, splintering, away in the tornado. I found this book completely absorbing: the change in moments from a predictable world to one that is anything but is conveyed very powerfully.

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