Daniel, Mark

Mark Daniel (1954 - ) is the son of a Lambourn trainer and a painter of horses. His biography on the Timewell Press site (they have published his French Letters and the English Canon) describes him as a “novelist, journalist, reluctant Ripperologist and crusading cook, as well as a larger-than life character with a colourful past.” He rode as soon as he could walk, and was a frequent visitor to the racecourse. He was educated at Ampleforth and Peterhouse, Cambridge, where he read French. When funds at university, and afterwards, were short, he would earn money by cooking, but gradually earned money by writing rather than cookery. He has written several compilations of poetry for children, and other children’s books including the junior horror Thingz series. He drew on his racing background for his six racing novels.

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The Timewell Press on Mark Daniel

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